Mantra Power

Mantras are vibrations which can produce results desired. Be it empowering self, countering adverse planetary cycle, as a prelude to meditation or to cure disease.

In ancient India, it is said that a mantra embodies the spiritual powers of Gods residing within each mantra. According to the Shiva Sutras, God enters you through sound.

There are specific Mantras to be recited for each purpose. Power of Mantra changes in the following manner: 

If recited in the plains, its value is one: if recited near sea, its value is ten:if recited on hills, its value is one hundred.. Similarly, value or power of Mantra changes in the manner it is recited. If recited loudly, its value is one: if Upansu ( only movement of lips ), its value is ten: if chanted mentally, its value is one hundred. For more effective results mental chanting in hills is a powerful method of getting desired results. The pronunciation  of   Mantra has to be perfect and in rhythm. There is a provision that if one can not pronounce Sanskrit Mantra perfectly, one can give sankalp ( authority ) to a scholar or Pundit for doing it.

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