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Know about Nisha  Ghai

Nisha  a Life  Path Guide   is famous Indian Palmist and Numerologist   A celebrity Palmist with a
modern approach .  Nisha  uses Unique combination methods of these sciences for her prediction   She is practicing   Palm reading , Psychic Reading , Numerology, Astrology Chart Reading for last 20 years . She has been guided in Palmistry by her father, famous Palmistry Guru, Dayanand Verma .

Her Long list of clients include many celebrities. She has also written books on Palmistry which are best seller . Her book 50 Hand print is very popular along with all the secrets of Palmistry .She is an astrological adviser to famous women magazine of India “Grahlakshmi and Naritatwa”. Many magazines regularly publish her articles on Palmistry  Numerology  Lifestyle and Meditation.  She is associated with many TV channels like India TV , News 24 P7 etc. Her  Serial Rekha on  Star News was very popular . .She also organizes distance learning courses, workshops and open classes on palmistry Numerology and stress Management .  She is  a complete life path Guide. People call her GOOD LUCK GURU
She has been practicing Hindu Vedic Natal Astrology and palmistry since 1990. She specializes in Jamini Astrology. She can advice on matters of love  ,Career, Money  Business & Match Making , Get your Yearly Forecast. . She is a Stress and Crystal  Therapist   She does Healing  with EFT , {Emotional freedom Technique} and Crystals. She has also written books on Palmistry which   Her Books are best seller .
Nisha Says ,one cannot afford to make wrong choices. Be it career, marriage, progeny, education & money.Her readings will facilitate you to take right decisions at the right time.
Contact  Address-   Institute Of palmistry
W-21 Greater Kailsh Part-1
New Delhi-110048
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Ask a question and get an astro answer on payment of $15 or INR 1000.
Please send following information with your question:
Birth Date
Time of Birth
Place of Birth and Country
(Note: if you do not have exact time of birth, mention time of asking question in hours corresponding to GMT)
Option. You can send print of your palm as explained in websites given above.

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