Can destiny be changed ? Yes & NO. If predestined it can change. That means it was destined. The topic was discussed on 4th July `15 on TV as conversation between Brahm Kumai Shivani and Suresh Oberoi . It was concluded that every event is predestined and cannot be changed. Those soothsayers who say  they can change a man`s destiny are only misleading  gullible people. There was an astrologer in the court of a king who became unpopular with his blunt predictions. The king decided to kill him but before doing so asked him to predict his death.The astrologer was clever and said, ” he would die an hour before Kings death.” The king   dropped his plan to kill him. The astrologer was not destined to die that day.

There are many examples. Novelist, Hemingway escaped 2 aircraft crashes  but died when he fell in his bathroom. He was not destined to die in air crash.  Recently a passenger booked for travel in Malaysian Airline missed his flight and another wait listed passenger was accommodated. The aircraft crashed. One who missed the flight was not destined to die but one who got in at the last minute  was  destined to die.

I can cite from my own experience. In August 1975 I had to travel with family by car from Patna to Samastipur. The driver did not report in time. I decided to drive myself. About an hour later while driving on the highway I crashed into a Tractor which was taking a U Turn in the middle of the road and suddenly stopped. The car hit its rear tyre which burst with impact but we were unhurt due to cushioning effect of  rubber. It was destined that in absence of driver  I would drive the car and meet with an accident. On another occasion I had acute cervical pain but had to travel by night train to Samastipur. My wife came up to station to persuade me to stay  back but I ignored her advice. That very night Patna got flooded by overflowing rivers and my wife left home with children by car before the house got submerged in water. Next day when she reached Samastipur I was very angry with her for abandoning the house and our entire assets. If I had stayed back that night I would have shifted all valuables to the roof and stayed in the open. The flood water receded after 14 days and those who stayed on roof tops had to suffer with frequent rain, lack of food and sanitation facility. We were destined to lose total assets but escaped misery.

Astrologers put ads on internet  for free horoscope reading. I wrote to two of them and both predicted that vast fortune awaited me due to rare planetary combination.  But added that I need to be guided by them on payment of  their professional charges. I scoffed at their proposal and wrote to them that if I were destined to get vast fortune I would still get without any guidance.

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