Why home made food is more nourishing

I was brought up in a family where we  were not allowed to eat any thing from out side, not even snacks and sweets. Every  item including sweetmeats  and snacks were made at home.  I never understood the reason but followed the advice. As I grew up I did take the liberty of sharing  food with friends, bought from hawkers or bakery. Later rules were slackened and  we had no hesitation in eating out or buying snacks from hawkers. My parents however, remained steadfast in their resolution.

Many years later I understood the logic behind eating home made food. When housewife prepares food for family her thoughts of love and affection go into food. Besides high level of hygiene is maintained. These two vital components are missing in eatables bought from outside. Hygiene is certainly a suspect in eatables sold by way side hawkers, snack and sweet makers. ( I had peeped into kitchens of several small eating places and found workers sweating under cramped space, walls darkened with smoke and insects crawling around.) Hygiene of kitchen staff even in star hotels is  also suspect though it may not be true in all cases , especially reputed hotels and restaurants.  But one thing certainly can not be substituted and that is love and affection of housewife preparing food for family. This is one single factor that  adds to nourishment . Physical  stress and mental   makeup  of Kitchen Staff in any eating establishment affects the dishes prepared. This will also hold true for cooks employed at home.

A great new initiative in Mumbai  for door  delivery of all ingredients for a recipe is a welcome move. The housewife has to only cook the ready made ingredients by following the recipe. It saves her time for shopping , storing ingredients and preparatory work before cooking . She adds all the love and affection while cooking.   Her thoughts count and that is vital part of nourishment. Please visit


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