Unbelievable life of Baba Lokenath

Baba Lokenath Brahmchari  lived for 160 years, from 1730 to 1890. He was born in a  remote village in West Bengal.At the age of 11 he along with his bosom friend , Benimadhav, were initiated into spiritualism by 60 year old Guru Bhagwan Ganguly. Starting from Kalighat, famous  Kali Temple, they moved to Jungles  and practiced Hath Yoga for 35 years, living stark naked. Then they traveled to Himalayas and did Sadhna ( spiritual practice ) for 45 years. After attaining enlightenment and living in snowy peaks, completely naked, and having mastered practices of Hindu Traditions proceeded to Mecca  & Medina for study of Holy Koran. Walking on foot from Himalayas they reached Kabul. They were invited by Mollasadi, a great scholar of Holy Koran to stay with him. Baba studied Koran under guidance of Mollasadi.  In Arabian Desert they met a spiritualist of high  attainment by name Abdul Gaffar. He was 400 years old.  The two seers of truth exchanged their experiences of the highest spiritual plane with each other.  Baba Lokenath believed  in universality of all  religions. Baba`s statement that I am a Musalman ( Muslam Immam ) and reference to Abdul Gaffar as a Brahmin has deep spiritual significance.When the 3 Yogis reached Medina, a large number of people were drawn to Lokenath by his strong spiritual presence and mastery of Koran.After this visit ,  Baba Lokenath made 2 more trips to Mecca & Medina.

Returning to Himalayas they stayed for 6 years in Badrinath to get accustomed to cold before proceeding to Mahaprasthan, the path Pandavas took for final retreat as described in epic Mahabharata. Exposure to cold for 6 years had developed a white sheet on their bodies as protection from cold.  Baba had also mentioned to his disciples about his travel to Mansrovar, Tibet, China and Siberia from where they moved further northwards to ” land of no sun” It took them few days to get used to darkness when their eyes could see like a cat. During their stay they met unusual human beings, very short in height  ranging from one to one and half feet.

Baba Lokenath also traveled on foot to some parts of Europe.

Returning back to India, Baba settled down in Baradi , a small village near Decca ( now in Bangladesh .) A disciple had built an Ashram for him.  Baba spent remaining period of his life in Ashram, covering his body with a white sheet and sitting in ” Gomukh Asan “ He never blinked his eyes or slept. Many devotees were benefited, materially and spiritually, by his blessings. He took ” Samadhi” at the age of 160.

Note: Any error in above post, due to lack of my understanding, on reading book on Baba  Lokenath`s life, is regretted. For full and correct understanding of Baba`s life please read the book and see website mentioned below.

Website: www.babalokenath.org   and a published book 

” The    incredible life of a Himalayan Yogi ”

There is also an Ashram in Bageshwar, Uttarakhand.

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