Diseases & Herbal medicines

1) Prevent artery clogging
Hrudved ( www.hrudved.com ) Will prevent clogging of arteries or dissolve blockages Consult manufacturer for dosage. It also helps in controlling Blood Pressure

2) Heart Health:a) Arjin ( www.alarsin.com ) Write to info@alarsin.com for dosage
b) Atherocid ( www.suryapharmaceuticals.com )
c) HEARTOGEN ( www.ayurvedas.com )

3) Blood Pressure/Insomnia: Sarpinol by Sharmayu (sharmayu.customercare@gmail.com )
Sarponil by Vyas Pharmaceuticals

4) Acidity: Sooktyn ( www.alarsin.com )

5) Diabetes Insol-N ( www.ayrvedas.com )

6) Cholesterol Control : Herbotrim ( www.ayurvedas.com )

7) Kidney Health : Nephormed ( www.suryapharmaceuticals.com )
Ajmodh Ras ( prevents formation of stones,
swelling, Diabetes. associated kidney problem.
( email: ayurmedherbal@yahoo.com )

8) IBS : Bailokurchin ( www.suryapharmaceuticals.com )

Ayurvedic Supplements:
Chayvanprash ( for healthy lungs ) see note below
Triflaprash ( for abdiminal health )see note below
Amruthjeevan ( complete health supplement ) by ( www.nagarjunayurveda.com )
Giloy/Guduchi capsules Himalya ) plus Tulsi extract for building immunity.( known brands: Ocem5 & Tulsi51 )

Note : Suggest use products made by cottage industry and sold by Gandhi ashram outlets. They make it in traditional way which makes it high in potency than several advertised brands made on mass scale.
Important: To get best results it is necessary that life style be suitably modified that is, diet control, regular exercise depending on age and health, breathing exercise ( Pranayam ) & regular sleep.

Efficacy of above medicines have been reported by those who have used it. I have used some and found effective.
I can suggest herbal preparation for other diseases on request.

Caution: If you are taking allopathic medicines. please check with your physician that there is no contraindication.

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