Obesity/Lose weight

( Please also see pages on Cholesterol & Clogged arteries )

Sedentary life , eating junk food and  stress, physical as well as mental are main factors of obesity. But a person is said to be obese when he/she consumes more number of calories than the number of calories used by the body. If your Body Mass Index or BMI (calculated by dividing height by weight) is more than 30, then you are obese . A person with BMI above 25 but below 30 is considered overweight.

Numerous ads for shedding  weight, ranging from regular visit to Gym  to    diet & nutrition plans or medication are seen in both visual and print media.. Do they work ?  I am sure they must be otherwise there may not be so many buyers. But benefit lasts for short duration or as long as the individual follows instructions. The moment life style changes,  one slowly goes back to obesity level.The key point is Lifestyle and it all depends on an individual`s  constitution, age, location, climate and nature of work. There could be several variations in lifestyle as no single rule will apply to all. I believe that following steps are basic for getting rid of obesity.

Detoxification as the first step

Vegetarian diet ( avoid over eating )

Drinking enough fresh water depending on thirst level, climate  and physical activity

Ensuring regular bowel movement ( through proper and balanced diet )

Exercise  suitable for one`s age and regular walk in fresh air

Pranayam or deep breathing  for maintaining high level of oxygen in the body.

Good and sound sleep

Unless there is genetic cause of obesity  above mentioned steps can help to a great extent to reduce obesity. It is tested and tried method. It is important that one lives in a area which is free from pollution to maintain good health.. If  it is not  possible, one must take a short holiday every 6 months for a change and visit a place  where one gets pure air, pure water and healthy food.

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Consider simple solution as an option

For a month give up all cereals, sugar, dairy products, packaged food,beverages, pickles, fried food, very spicy food and cooking in Hydrogenated Oil.

Switch to vegetables, salad ( tomato,cucumber,onions,lettuce etc.), Roti or chapati made out of gram flour mixed with Ragi (finger millet) ), nuts( handful of almonds, walnuts, or others as per choice with raisins ), seeds  (Flax, sunflower, watermelon ), seasonal fresh fruits, dal ( pulses ) , all types of beans,Green Chutney, sprouts, coconut, Gur (Jaggery ) mineral brown sugar from sugarcane as sweetener  , and use coconut oil or olive oil  for cooking.. Substitute tea and coffee with green tea . Squeeze a  lemon in lukewarm water and drink  after mixing  one t/s  of pure honey.Drink in the morning and evening to keep body alkaline. Do not eat to full stomach. Keep a difference  of 3 hours between each solid meal. Do not drink water along with fruits, Fruits should be taken independent of vegetables.Drink only lukewarm water.

Caution:   Discontinue  any rime if there is discomfort. When you resume normal diet change over gradually  by starting with one meal and then to second and third meals..


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