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According to Ayurveda ( as I understood ) no disease exists. It is imbalance between 3 “doshas” which gives rise to body`s malfunctioning. Ayurveda is all about lifestyle and less about medication. The three “doshas” are cough, acid and gas. These 3 have to remain in perfect harmony to keep each person in best of health. If any one of the “doha” gets aggravated or depressed, it disturbs balanced functioning of the organs. Therefore Ayurvedic Physician is trained to read the pulse and arrive at a diagnoses. He then prescribes lifestyle changes as a first measure of cure. In case required, herbal preparation is recommended. Get rid of all your health problems. Medication is not the only answer. Lifestyle changes help. Prayer and complete faith help. Age is not a barrier. Stress, a major factor of disease, can be conquered. There is another approach. There are quite a few healing techniques. One such technique is known as REBIRTHING. It is process of self healing. One needs to be trained for it.

I have developed a modified approach.One can start healing in stages. It is mind Body connection.It is to be done in stages but is a sure method of freeing oneself from all diseases.Medication can be slowly given up. Food is the medicine supported with natural herbs as required or formulations prepared from it. Food can be charged with mental vibrations to instill curing properties. The whole attitude to life needs to be changed.The concept of Life and Death has to be understood. I have experimented with it and found that it is working for me. I am gradually feeling the difference. It appears to me that I have taken a new birth free from any disease.

One needs to interact with me to understand the entire process of self healing in the midst of peaceful environment and healthy lifestyle practices.

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