This is Shri Murli Mohan Shukla’s website, who passed away into immortality on 20th January 2019′

IMGA0812aI was born on 16th May 1934 in Udaipur ( Rajasthan ) India.( Akshay Tritiya as per Hindi calendar, which is considered most auspicious day ) Did my schooling in Delhi and Shimla. Graduated from Delhi University. Studied Law in Calcutta University for one year.
Took up my first job in a shipping company and sailed in a coastal vessel for 3 years. In 1957 joined Indian Airlines . In 1958  joined Business House of Sahu Jain Group as a marketing trainee in Paper cropped-IMG_20140604_141505.jpgDivision.

Gradually moved up the ladder as Sales Officer, Sales Manager and Chief Marketing Manger.(  from `75  to `77 I was sent on deputation as CEO of a small paper Mill in Bihar )

In 1982 I joined ITC group`s Paper Unit  as G.M. and retired in 1992 as Senior V,P.
After retirement I did several consulting assignments or took up short term assignments
92/93 Nath Group, Aurangabad
93/94 Tribeni Tissues, Calcutta as CEO, Business Development
94/95 Chief Adviser,   Titagarh Paper Mills, Calcutta
95/97 CEO, Rayalaseema Paper Mills, Hyderabad
In `98 moved to Kumaon Hills and settled down in Bhimtal. ( Uttarakhand )
Intermittently, i did consulting assignments for
Reliance Group
Century Paper Mills
Trading Group of Pasaris, Delhi

Attended  Management courses in India and overseas.
Traveled to 23 countries on official and personal visits.

Murli Shukla writes…

 I thought of writing on health issues based on my experience and study of various health newsletters. It is not a medical bulletin or prescription as I am neither qualified nor competent to give any advice on matters relating to medical science. I claim no responsibility whatsoever  if any one reading it follows a treatment without consulting a medical practitioner.

I believe:

“One should use knowledge to create wealth,   live an austere life  and share wealth with those who are less fortunate “

” If one suffers in life, it is God`s blessings to wash away accumulated bad KARMAS

“Every human being is a mini Universe and therefore , his/her action should contribute towards Universal Peace, Progress and Prosperity “

My son created this website for me and called it Voice of Experience