Haidakhan Baba

In 1979 I was fortunate to have `Darshan` of Babaji at Haidakhan, a hill side Ashram, about 30km away from Haldwani in Uttarkhand, Since then I have been his follower, In him I saw a Guru and God, Later my family joined me in visiting Ashram to receive blessings from Babaji. Whenever Babaji visited Delhi we all went for his `Darshan` and  blessings. We have been following his teachings of  Truth, Simplicity & Love. We were fortunate that Babaji visited our home in Delhi in 1981 and blessed us,

Babaji took `Samadhi` in 1984. But his presence is always felt. We kept visiting Ashrams in Haidakhan and Ranikhet, I was lucky to have worked for Ashram at Ranikhet as Chief Advisor to Chaiman of Samaj from 2010 to 2013, The Ashram runs charitable Hospitals, both allopathic and ayurvedic , largely for the benefit of poor.

Though Babaji never went overseas  his devotees are from all over the world. The Ashrams are being run in several countries. The devotees from all over the world assemble at Indian Ashram during celebrations of Devi Puja. Young generation who have never seen Babaji in physical form visit Ashrams inspired by divine vision. Please see


His teachings ( text copied from website on Baba )

“I have come to give, only to give. Are you ready to receive? I give everything but few ask for what I have really come to give.”

People often ask me about teachings of Sri Babaji. It is quite difficult to answer, for Sri Babaji’s teachings encompass all levels of consciousness, from gross material to the highest liberated (nirbikalpa samadhi) and devotional – bhakti (prema) ones.

He teaches and guides His disciples according to their level of attainment. Being Shiva Avatara (manifestation of original form of Shiva – Sadasiva), He also teaches Bhakti Yoga and bestows Hari Nama and much, much more.

His imparts needed lessons in a most practical and down-to-earth ways. He doesn’t appreciate intellectual knowledge all that much, it is experiences that He wants from His disciples, not mere dry mental speculations.

From the beginning of time, He is present in this material plane, He is immortal, always physically available to the chosen few. With sincerity, however, anyone can reach Him either physically or on inner planes through Śiva Pancaakshari Mantra, Om namah Shivaya.

Wherever His disciples may be, Sri Babaji is willing to reach and lovingly assist them through materialization of His from, or through the inner voice. His Love and caring knows no limits.

Sri Babaji Himself is a perfect example of teachings of Truth, Simplicity and Love and calls for His disciples to practice the same. Time and again He emphasize the equality of all religions:

“There is only one Truth … God is Truth.”

Never, not even once have I heard Him say anything negative against any spiritual path or against any religious doctrine. His flexibility, openness and Love are really unfathomable.

What most of us just read and talk about, He lives. He is practical Master of Love and Wisdom, always detached and completely transparent in His actions.

The presence of Sri Babaji makes it possible for divine Love to be realized every single moment. Thoughts such as “I” and “mine” dissolve away and a sense of united humanity become an everyday experience.

“In the past people had difficulty being humane. It is to bring the message of humanity that I have taken on a body.”

Indeed, around Sri Babaji there is no room for racial, caste or religious distinctions. Rich and poor, scholars and illiterates are all the same to Sri Babaji, who shows us all how to live with love and respect for one another.

Karma Yoga and Nama Japa, repetition of God’s Name are the fundamental parts of Sri Babaji’s teachings, given forth in His last public manifestation from 1970 to 1984:

“Have faith! Reciting the Name of the Lord is not the first, but the last stage of spiritual practice! When lions enter the forest, the other animals run away. Likewise, all evil thoughts will vanish with the recitation of the Lord’s name. Reciting the Name of the Lord will bring you the company of a good people and you will be near saints. Blessed are the few who will discard the kingdom of the world for the Lord’s name. Such a devotee always resides in My heart.”

Sri Babaji
Sri Babaji

Shiva Avatara, Bhole Baba – Simple father

“In the womb, you take a vow not to get attached; but as soon as you come out, you get entangled. Abandon attachment! Your mind plays tricks on you! That is why you are after pleasures! All worldly things – including the desire for liberation – are obstacles to which you are attached. If you want divine peace, leave behind ignorant karma.”

Haidakhan Baba`s message after prayer meeting on 29/7/1979
Translated gist of message from speeches in Hindi in ”
Shree Prabhu Vani Sangrah ” published in 1986 by Haidakhandi Samaj, Nainital, India. “Kranti ( revolution ) has started on 26/7/1979. Destruction will take place.All Countries will get involved. Some Countries will get totally wiped out. Selfish leaders will not worry about loss of life and property.. Destructive weapons will be used. There will be complete annihilation.”
Note that the date mentioned is 26 and year 1979 also totals 26. In past few years all major disasters have taken place on date 26.


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