Heart Health (ECP Therapy)

( Please also see pages on Cholesterol & Clogged arteries )

My all arteries are 100% blocked. Yet I survived on collateral arteries developed naturally over a period of last several years, a natural bypass. This can be done now by ECP equipment ( external counter pulsation therapy ) which is a non invasive procedure to prevent heart attack and avoid stents or bypass surgery.

I am now getting the treatment done to improve efficiency of my collateral arteries at D.G.Clinic,  an alternative treatment center run by Dr.Jaswant Patil at East Goregoan, Mumbai, India .http://www.drjaswant.com/

Benefits of ECP

Increase in energy and exercise tolerance

Increased brain function ( alertness )

Reduced symptoms of shortness of breath, fatigue, leg pain from peripheral vascular disease.

Reduces blood ressure, increases cardiac output

creates natural bypass around narrowed arteries in heart as well as other organs such as the lungs, Kidneys, Liver and Brain.

You can write to me for more information on shukla.murli@gmail.com..


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