Cholesterol: Herbal Cure

cholesterol herbal cure in 30 days

.When i got my first lipid profile done at the age of 51, all
parameters were out of range. Triglycerides was 375. I had to cut down on sugar but took no other medicines. Periodical check up showed reduced Triglycerides below 200 but never in permissible range. I made life style changes but managed to get readings only on border line. Regular use of herbal product Atherocid increased my HDL to 60 and which brought HDL/total Cholesterol ratio to safe level.
I was taking Pantacid 40 ( acid blocker ) for my Hiatus Hernia for
last several years.
When I was 79 I had constant pain in the stomach area. Ultrasound
showed that all organs were normal. I was diagnosed with chronic
constipation. I took a 15 days course of Ayurvedic process called
`Basti`, a part of Panchkarma. `Basti` is a procedure in which herbs
mixed in medicated oil  is used as enema .   It works like colon
cleansing.  I also took Ayurvedic Pills  Herbotrim for a month to
control Cholesterol. I was cured of stomach pain.
When  I got my next lipid profile test done in April 2014 and
compared it with test done in November 2013, I was surprised that for the first time in my life readings were in normal limits. The comparison is shown below:
  Nov ‘13 April ‘14
Total Cholesterol 218 128.4
Triglycerides 272 116.5
HDL 60 58.9
LDL 102.4 46.2
VLDL 54.4 23.3
I now believe that Cholesterol can be controlled without taking any medicine. One has to take `Basti` treatment. It is one hour session for 15 days. Whenever Lipid Profile done annually shows Cholesterol levels beyond normal range, one can repeat `Basti` procedure. It can be done in any Panchkarma Center ( Ayurvedic Massage Clinic). These clinics can be found in any city in India.
Cholesterol  tests must be repeated every year. Lately, it has been stated that cholesterol may not be a single cause of heart problem but still it needs to be kept within normal range. Heart attacks have been reported where the patient`s cholesterol was in normal range. That leads to assume factors other than cholesterol for
  causing heart attack.
Basti or Colon Cleansing is advisable for every person to clean out periodically waste matter stuck inside to prevent constipation, bloating and other digestive problems. So it is not only relevant for controlling cholesterol. If you have any of these symptoms, Basti may be considered,
  •  gas, bloating or cramps
  • Using laxatives  on regular basis for bowel movement
  • A Bulging  stomach
  • Feeling tired right after waking up
I have stopped taking acid blockers after using it for14 years. Doctors did not tell me that using it for a long period was not safe or advisable. Now I happen to read Health Newsletters which report that plaque build up in arteries is one of the side effects of Acid Blockers. No wonder, I had 100% blocked arteries when I got my angiography done in 2014.
    Dietary  changes and homeopathic medicine (taken initially for some time ) is controlling my acidity problem. I am no longer dependent on acid blockers.
I would suggest to all those who take acid  blockers to change to alternative medicines and avoid food which cause acidity..
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