Diabetes Mellitus has been described in ancient ayurvedic texts under the name ‘Prameha’. They have also explained in-detail the etiology for the disease and various herbal remedies for the same. The ayurvedic seers were aware of the genetic susceptibility and environmental factors responsbile for the disease.
According to the Modern Science, Diabetes Mellitus is a clinical syndrome characterised by hyperglycemia due to absolute or relative deficiency of Insulin. Lack of Insulin affects the metabolism of carbohydrate, protein, fat, water and electrolytes. If this state persists for long time, permanent and irreversible functional and structural changes in the cells of the body lead to the so-called complications of diabetes which affect the eye, the kidney and the nervous system.
Ayurveda, which advocates the holistic approach to the disease and advises the treatment in totality, plays an important role in controlling the blood sugar level at normal and preventing the complications of diabetes mellitus.
Insol-N, an ayurvedic medicine prepared by Muniyal Ayurvedic Research Centre, and tested on thousands of patients is one such medicine to treat Diabetes Mellitus, which has been clinically proved to rejuvenate the cells of Pancreas, hence helping the patient to live a healthy normal life.
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Voluntary Testimonial
“ Name : M P Malliwal; Age 80 years
I was diagnosed Diabetes way back in August 1986 after my operation of goiter in my neck. Initially I neglected. But after a fall in 1994 January while urinating at night, I became careful and was regular in taking allopathic medicines. The diabetes was fairy under control but not good control.
Since last two years I am on insulin-Insugen 30/70 – 20 units B/F and 10 units before dinner +glycephage SR 1 g before B/F and the same before dinner. Diabetes was a little better but still not good control. The HbA1c was fluctuating between 8 to 8.8 .
It is at this point of time I happened to mention the problem to my former colleague Mr. M M Shukla and he suggested my using INSOL-N. Ever since I started INSOL-N about 8 months before the HbA1c is gradually coming down from 8.6 to 7.6, 7.2 and now it at 6.5 . I have reduced my insulin from 20/10 to 8/3 .
INSOL-N is the first Ayurvedic medicine I have come across which is highly effective. I had tried few other Ayurvedic medicines but these were totally ineffective.
I wish to compliment Muniyal Ayurvedic for researching & developing this wonderful herbal medicine”