Herbal Dietary Power Capsules

WE do not get enough or balanced nutrition from our food. It is advisable to take herbal dietary supplements on daily basis. Herbline  based in Himalayan Hills has come out with a full range of supplements in concentrate form packed in capsules..  I am mentioning a few for which I can be contacted.

Ashwagandha:  For fitness and stamina

Turmeric:  It is king of all spices and prevents inflammation, cause of all diseases. ( extract combined with black pepper for absorption )

Amla: Natural vitamin C which is key to good  health and increases lung function. ( a must for those living in Metros with polluted air )

Giloy: Improves immune system to prevent infection. Prevents cancer.

Arjun Ki Chhal: Improves heart function and prevents artery blockages.

Neem: For skin health, healing

Brahmi: For memory and mental agility

Ginger: For Gastric Disorders & Rheumatism

Cinnamon  For Cardic Tonic

Moringa: For Anemia, Arthritis

Total range of 29 herbs cover all diseases. Enquire