Artery Blockage: Home remedy

Swami Devvrat, a well known Yogi who lived for 108 years in Sitaram Bazar, Delhi had distributed a leaflet suggesting various home remedies for relief. ( I have one copy with me ) Swami Devvrat had traveled all over the World and ran a Yoga Center in Germany.
Home remedy for Artery Blockage:
One formulation for clearing blockages in arteries.
Half tea spoon of Cinnamon, boil it in half cup water till it becomes quarter cup, strain with a fine cloth and mix with one teaspoon of pure honey. Drink this first thing in the morning on empty stomach and do not eat anything for half an hour. Do it for 15 days every six months to be free from blockages. I tried it only recently and found absence of angina pain which I suffered regularly despite medication. (Make sure cinnamon powder is pure and honey is pure)