Clogged Arteries< Natural Bypass

Living with 100% clogged arteries without getting a heart attack; Collateral developed as natural bypass

I am 80. For last 10 years I had  angina pain , mostly during a long walk. My lipid profile was also beyond normal range.
I did not take statin. I continued with my daily routine and walked in the hills, where I live.
Tread Mill Test ( TMT) done this year was found positive.  TMT was done for eight and half minutes.  Last lap was run at 9km/hour.  An angiography was done. I was told that all 3 arteries were 100% blocked. Stents could not be used and bypass was not recommended  because there was a jungle of collateral vessels supplying blood to heart. Cardiac Surgeon  said bypass was risky because it would amount to cutting all  collateral vessels and even if surgery was done, improvement might be just 5 to 10%. Echo Cardiogram showed that heart muscles were normal and ejection factor was 64..

I wonder if my regular use of ayurvedic medicine for angina & cholesterol , ATHEROCID, ( Surya ) helped in developing collateral  arteries along with regular active life.
I am living with clogged arteries and doing my routine activity without difficulty. Yes, I am taking medication.  My BP is in range of 110/70to 130/85. After taking  Ayurvedic treatment for colon cleansing,  my Lipid Profile came well within normal range. No statin was prescribed but food  recommended was with low  cholesterol values.

I believe that simple and light exercise ( which I had followed over last 10 years plus 45 minutes brisk walk, at least 3 days in week or climbing stairs  can help in developing collateral arteries. One should start it from younger age to prevent in older age need for using stents or bypass in case main arteries get clogged. This can be done naturally what EECP does with equipment.

Prevent Clogging: There are few ayurvedic preparations which can prevent formation of plaques in arteries. If one starts taking it on regular basis after age 40, it will prevent hypertension and protect heart health. It will help provided lifestyle is also healthy.

Cardiac Check up on 13th October 2015.:::    ECG was found normal. 2D test showed improvement  in heart function as compared to readings in April 2015.. Probably some blockages were cleared or efficiency of collaterals improved with herbal medicines I was taking along with diet and moderate exercise. I can provide comparative readings on request. The tests were done at Ramesh Cardio Diagnostics, Haldwani, Uttarakhand by Dr. D,C.Pant, Cardiologist.

Herbs that help heart  remain healthy

Arjuna   is Heart Healthy,Ajmoda is Heart Healthy, Pimpali is Heart Healthy, Dalim Sal is Heart Healthy, Draksha is Heart Healthy, Twak is heart Healthy, Rason is Heart Healthy, Nagarmotha is Heart Healthy,Suddaha Guggal is Heart Healthy, Chitrak is Heart Healthy, Triphla is Heart Healthy ( all combined in required proportion is sold by an agency ) Separately available herbs. AgniManth is Heart Healthy, Sat Shilajeet is Heart Healthy, Gudduchi is Heart Healthy,Pushkarmul is Heart Healthy,Shalparni is Heart Healthy, Shankhpushpi is Heart Healthy, Brahmi is Heart Healthy. (caution: several preparations with these herbs are available in market but must be taken in consultation with Ayurvedic Physician )

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