Why have you abandoned your dreams and turned your back on      


  By courtesy of  Author Ligia Houben

As you read this question, you may feel your heart beating a little faster, as it may resonate with you.

If you are like me, you may have dreams you want to fulfill and goals you want to achieve. It is what inspires us to have a purposeful life.
You may create castles in the sky just imagining how your life would be if you became the person you want to be. You may wish being able to use your personal power and overcome that obstacle that is keeping you stuck. Moreover, you may hope being more grateful for what you have, instead of dwelling on what you do not have in your life. These are just a few possibilities that if you acted on them, would make you happier.

However, time passes by, and these dreams stay only as ideas in your head. What makes you wait? What is making you turn your back on happiness? Life is short and frail, and the moment to act is now! Not tomorrow or next year. It is not when all the stars are aligned, and the weather is perfect. It is not when you start feeling better, or your luck improves. It is not when your loved one changes and you are in a better mood. No…the moment is now! It has been said that if we lived like it was our last day, we would make different choices. We wouldn’t waste time in complaining, fighting, or envying others for their happiness. We are responsible for our happiness, and that is the beauty.

We can do something about it! It just takes a moment to make the decision and start being the person you want to be and achieve happiness. Start making meaningful choices every single day, and you will see how your life changes; how your life is being transformed. It may not happen in a week or a month. It doesn’t matter. What brings deep happiness to your life is to know you are doing something about it! You are taking action. You are not a spectator in this grandiose theater that is life. You are an actor and a great one! One with purpose, with love, with compassion, and with hope for a brighter future!Remember Your Life Has Meaning!

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