Prayer as Cure

Faith is the biggest healer. Even medication wont work if patient does not have faith in its cure. Miracles have happened though such instances may be few. Prayers have cured a patient when medication failed. There are vibrant temples or other religious places of worship where patients go and pray for cure. One such place is Jageshwar Temple in Kumaon Hills. The priests  , on behalf of patient recite, given number of Mritunjay Mantra ( a mantra for long life ). This Mantra can be also done at home of the patient by a priest but vibration of Jageshwar Temple produce faster results. This is a prevalent belief.

Temples or places of worship have very strong vibrations as multitude devotees visit the place with positive thoughts. Some temples in India have daily collection of millions of rupees , donated  by devotees when their wishes get fulfilled.  Devotees of Saints also donate large funds to trust and one such Saint is Sai Baba of Shirdi. Such sums would not be donated if devotees were not benefited,in monetary terms or any other relief sought.

Group prayers by family members of patient, friends  and members of a sect are also commonly observed.

Prayer has other benefits as explained by Dr.Pillai based in USA.

Divine can help you to get what you want

Why are we wanting to do things fast? Fast, fast, fast!

Because that is in our nature.

Deep down within our soul, we don’t want to wait for things. It might even appear sometimes to be irrational. “I want it now!” You want it now. How can you get it done now? There is time that needs to pass before things can happen. You plant a seed and the seed has to grow into a tree. You cannot have a tree after sowing the seed for just a few days.

Look at the Yogis. The Yogis had a version of Namasivaya, a mantra, which they say if you do it and understand it properly, it will give you the tree from the seed instantaneously. From seed to the tree without going through the stages of growth.

They had an understanding of what fast time is. That’s the power of the Yogis and Siddhas who wanted to master time. That’s Timeline Jumping. They could get into a time that is very different from what we know, because time after all is our mind.

As long as we have the sluggish mind, which is caught up in logic, we won’t be able to bypass or speed up time. We have to really understand the relationship between logic and movement in order to bypass time and a host of other things.

Timelessness is the most important thing. Going into the domain of Timelessness. We’re not simply teaching you how to stay in the “Now”.

Nobody knows how to stay in the “Now.”

Most people say: “To stay in the “Now,” just don’t let your thoughts interfere. Just stay there and everything will happen.”

No, it’s not that easy.

It is a matter of how you can create the Timelessness within you. How you have to be “thought-free.”

When you are Timeless there is another intelligence called Soul Intelligence.

It is this Soul Intelligence that made Einstein succeed. He himself said whatever I have discovered came upon me not through rational process (because rational process is Time) but through intuition. He gives so much importance to the Timeless Dimension.

The future is available instantaneously through a new timeline.

It’s because of the past that you are unable to live in the “Now.” The past kicks in in the form of memory. Memory of what? Memory of failures… “I have tried many times, but I am unable to do anything substantial. This has been for quite many years and where is the guarantee that things are going to work?”

This is past memory kicking in. This allows you to stay in the past and creates a very bad projection of the future.

So how can you remain in the “Now” in a situation where the memory is so negative?

The only way is just to pray.

This is the way that I recommend because it’s the fast way. You have to surrender to the Divine, to whosoever you want to pray.

Let the Divine resolve the problem. The Divine will create a new timeline for you.”

– Dr. Pillai

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