Blood Pressure

( Please also see pages on Cholesterol & Clogged arteries )

Blood Pressure is a common disease as person ages. Doctors tend to prescribe  medicine to control it while changes in lifestyle can control it. Once on medication, one gets addicted to it. My Blood Pressure at age 40 was 130/90 and I was told to take Beta Blocker 25mg. The dose was increased to 50 mg when I was 50. When I was in 60s I had fluctuating Blood Pressure, some times going as high as 180/100. More medicines were added and  I ended up taking 4 different drugs to keep Blood Pressure under 120/80. Now at the age of 80+ I have started reducing dosage by half by following a regimented life. I hope to discontinue all allopathic medicines by  this year end. I have changed  to some herbal  medicines which  helped in reducing dosage of allopathic medicine.

Primary Blood Pressure can be controlled without medicine. In case of secondary Blood Pressure caused by some other ailment, it is to be treated differently.Normal Blood Pressure is 120/80  with the upper number 120 being the pressure at the end of heart beat called  systolic , the lower number 80 called diastolic is the pressure at the beginning of heart beat. If Blood Pressure is 140/90 or above it is termed Hypertension. Hardening of arteries with age is the main cause of High Blood Pressure. Lifestyle and dietary  habits can  prevent hardening of arteries. Narrowing of arteries because of formation of plaques is another cause of high Blood Pressure. Herbal supplements are available to unclog plaques and arrest rise in Blood Pressure. I suggest that alternative medicine should be considered as first line of treatment.

There are 4 main chemicals in allopathy to control Blood Pressure but each one has side effects .

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