Cancer- Is there a cure

The only known cure is Chemotherapy and Radiation. If it works, why so many patients die.

I have known many cases where patients took chemo therapy on regular basis until a stage came when their bodies could not tolerate it and died after a few years. It was like slow poisoning. Healthy cells died with chemo and radiation. There may be many exceptions. Perhaps, in younger persons, with strong immune system, it works and cures. Breast cancer patients mostly survive.

Is there alternative cure? Many Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, Unani Doctors and Nature Cure Practitioners  claim to have cured cancer  but evidence is lacking or not supported by clinical records. We have heard of miracle cure by Saints. I have known of two Ayurvedic Centres who appear more credible. One is Muniyal in Manipal and another Jain Cow Urine Therapy in Indore.

It is best to adopt a lifestyle which can prevent one from contracting cancer. A few tips

Vegetarian Food, more of fruits  vegetables, nuts, seeds and less of cereals, avoid totally processed food, trans fat oils,beverages, change from white to mineral brown sugar,( no to sweeteners  & diet colas or sports drink), sugar added snacks, do not overeat or indulge in frequent snacking, drink plenty of clean water depending on one`s constitution, working conditions and weather, maintain healthy weight, regular exercise and pranayam ( breathing exercise ), avoid physical and mental stress. Lastly keep the body alkaline by choosing 70% alkaline food.

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