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Cancer- Is there a cure

The only known cure is Chemotherapy and Radiation. If it works, why so many patients die.

I have known many cases where patients took chemo therapy on regular basis until a stage came when their bodies could not tolerate it and died after a few years. It was like slow poisoning. Healthy cells died with chemo and radiation. There may be many exceptions. Perhaps, in younger persons, with strong immune system, it works and cures. Breast cancer patients mostly survive.

Is there alternative cure? Many Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, Unani Doctors and Nature Cure Practitioners  claim to have cured cancer  but evidence is lacking or not supported by clinical records. We have heard of miracle cure by Saints. I have known of two Ayurvedic Centres who appear more credible. One is Muniyal in Manipal and another Jain Cow Urine Therapy in Indore.

It is best to adopt a lifestyle which can prevent one from contracting cancer. A few tips

Vegetarian Food, more of fruits  vegetables, nuts, seeds and less of cereals, avoid totally processed food, trans fat oils,beverages, change from white to mineral brown sugar,( no to sweeteners  & diet colas or sports drink), sugar added snacks, do not overeat or indulge in frequent snacking, drink plenty of clean water depending on one`s constitution, working conditions and weather, maintain healthy weight, regular exercise and pranayam ( breathing exercise ), avoid physical and mental stress. Lastly keep the body alkaline by choosing 70% alkaline food.

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Pagoda Meditation

Meditation can be more powerful if done in a Pagoda. Recently, I visited Deep Ganga Clinic, run by Dr. Jaswant Patil in Goregoan Mumbai. He has developed a Glass wall Pagoda which has built in music as background for spiritual mantras to enable concentration. Oxygen is also fed in Pagoda for increasing oxygen levels in cells. A 20 minute session was completely refreshing. Dr.Patil has patented  the design of Pagoda and could be made  available  to those who wish to instal in Health Centres.

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My all arteries are 100% blocked. Yet I survived on collateral arteries developed

naturally over a period of last several years, a natural bypass. This can be done now by ECP equipment (external counter pulsation therapy )

which is a non invasive procedure to prevent heart attack and avoid stents  or bypass surgery.

I am now getting ECP treatment done at Deep Ganga Clinic , an Alternative Therapy clinic run by Dr.Jaswant Patil in East Goregoan, Mumbai  to improve efficiency of my collateral arteries at my age of 80.

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Heart health to avoid bypass/angioplasty

100% clogged arteries; natural bypass

I am 80. For last 10 years I had angina pain, sometimes while walking. My lipid profile was also beyond normal range.
I did not take statin. I continued with my daily routine and walked in the hills, where I live.
Tread Mill Test ( TMT) done this year was found positive.  TMT was done for eight and half minutes.  Last lap was run at 9km/hour.  An angiography was done. I was told that all 3 arteries were 100% blocked. Stents could not be used and bypass was not recommended  because there was a jungle of collateral vessels supplying blood to heart. Cardiac Surgeon  said bypass was risky because it would amount to cutting all  collateral vessels and even if surgery was done improvement might be just 5 to 10%. Echo Cardiogram showed that heart muscles were normal.
I am living with clogged arteries and doing my routine activity without difficulty. Yes, I am taking medication.  My BP is in range of 110/70to 130/85. After taking  Ayurvedic treatment for colon cleansing,  my Lipid Profile came well within normal range. No statin was prescribed but food  recommended was with low  cholesterol values.


Proper diet and exercise is safe way to keep healthy heart . Yet as a preventive measure  one can take herbal capsules on regular basis to control cholesterol and clogging of arteries.In addition there is herbal formulation which works like a tonic to keep all  body organs in a healthy state.

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Three key factors for longevity:

1) keep body oxygenated 2) keep body alkaline 3) exercise for blood circulation

1) Pranayam, ( regulated breath control ) must be practiced for half an hour every day. It is important that you live in a polluted free city, Otherwise take a holiday and go to a green zone on regular basis to recharge your lungs.

2) Take more alkaline foods to maintain body alkaline ( search for alkaline foods in Google)

Balanced diet  is vital for good health.

3) Walk for 45 mnts every day or do Yoga and exercise which pushes up heart rate which is safe, depending on age and body constitution, and in consultation with your medical doctor.

I have lived in cities and  had many health issues. It is only after retirement that I moved  to Hills and  realized  how diet, air and water made difference in my health. At my age of 80 I feel as energetic as I was when at 40.

All cities are polluted and  cause  of toxins getting into body. I consider it a must for every resident of cities to take a break and visit a pollution free place for minimum 7 days to desirable 30 days for detoxification through diet, change of air and water and suitable yogic exercises or just daily walk in green belt. It will strengthen immune system and susceptibility to illness.

Reproduced from Natural Newsletter:

Avoid too much isolation

A recent study from Brigham Young University demonstrated that loneliness and social isolation are just as much a threat to longevity as obesity. Relationships with others are vital to keeping yourself filled with joy, and it even has an effect on your heart health. Social bonds with others help keep your heart healthy because isolation is a larger risk to life longevity than alcoholism and even smoking!

So get out and meet that friend for coffee or lunch instead of simply dashing off a quick text. Make an effort to get off the computer or step away from your latest Netflix marathon and join family and friends for a night of bowling, for example.

Your heart will thank you, and your happiness is bound to increase.

Surround yourself with nature

Studies show that getting yourself outside to enjoy nature increases your feelings of vitality and boosts your energy, and can even help strengthen your immune system. Richard Ryan, professor of psychology at the University of Rochester has insight about this.

“Nature is fuel for the soul,” he said. “Often when we feel depleted we reach for a cup of coffee, but research suggests a better way to get energized is to connect with nature.”

Instead of eating lunch at your desk, pack a sack lunch (like from your elementary school field trip days!) and head to a local park to make your meal memorable and energizing.

Take a walk outside whenever you get a chance, and notice the colors around you – the changing of the leaves during fall or spring for example, a neighbor’s beautifully landscaped lawn and garden, and so on. These things will brighten your mood and keep you balanced, so that your life isn’t all work and no play.

The bottom line is that happiness is good for your heart and your health – so do whatever you can to bring more joy into your life. Your heart, mind and body will thank you for it, and reward you for your efforts!

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Ayurvedic herbal preparations can be taken as preventive or treatment for following diseases with no side effects:

Obesity,  Cholesterol control, Heart Health, Kidney Health, Liver Health

Anxiety and Stress, Pain and inflammation, Respiratory disorders, Constipation or IBS

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cholesterol.herbalcure in 30 days

cholesterol  herbalcure in 30 days

.When i got my first lipid profile done at the age of 51, all
parameters were out of range. Triglycerides was 375. I had to cut down on sugar but took no other medicines. Periodical check up showed reduced Triglycerides below 200 but never in permissible range. I made life style changes but managed to get readings only on border line. Regular use of herbal product Arithocin increased my HDL to 60 and which brought HDL/total Cholesterol ratio to safe level.
I was taking Pantacid 40 ( acid blocker ) for my Hiatus Hernia for
last several years.
When I was 79 I had constant pain in the stomach area. Ultrasound
showed that all organs were normal. I was diagnosed with chronic
constipation. I took a 15 days course of Ayurvedic process called
`Basti`, a part of Panchkarma. `Basti` is a procedure in which herbs
mixed in medicated oil  is used as enema .   It works like colon
cleansing. Total cost of treatment $ 200. I also took Ayurvedic Pills  Herbotrim for a month to control Cholesterol. I was cured of stomach pain.
When  I got my next lipid profile test done in April 2014 and
compared it with test done in November 2013, I was surprised that for the first time in my life readings were in normal limits. The
comparison is shown below:
——————– Nov 13           April 14
Total Cholesterol    218               128.4
Triglycerides             272              116.5
HDL                                    60                 58.9
LDl                                102.4                46.2
VLDL                              54.4                23.3
I now believe that Cholesterol can be controlled without taking any medicine. One has to take `Basti` treatment. It is one hour session for 15 days. Whenever Lipid Profile done annually shows Cholesterol levels beyond normal range, one can repeat `Basti` procedure. It can be done in any Panchkarma Center ( Ayurvedic Massage Clinic). These clinics can be found in any city in India.
Cholesterol  tests must be repeated every year. Lately, it has been stated that cholesterol may not be a single cause of heart problem but still it needs to be kept within normal range. Heart attacks have been reported where the patient`s cholesterol was in normal range. That leads to assume factors other than cholesterol for
  causing heart attack.
I have stopped using acid blockers after using it for
14 years. Doctors did not tell me that using it for a long period was not safe or advisable. Now I happen to read Health Newsletters which report that plaque build up in arteries is one of the side effects of Acid Blockers. No wonder, I had 100% blocked arteries when I got my angiography done in 2014.
    Dietary  changes and homeopathic medicine is controlling my acidity problem. I am no longer dependent on acid blockers.
I would suggest to all those who take acid  blockers to change to alternative medicines and avoid food which cause acidity..
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Murli Shukla writes….

 I thought of writing on health issues based on my experience and study of various health newsletters. It is not a medical bulletin or prescription as I am neither qualified nor competent to give any advice on matters relating to medical science. I claim no responsibility whatsoever  if any one reading it follows a treatment without consulting a medical practitioner.

I believe:

“One should use knowledge to create wealth,   live an austere life  and share wealth with those who are less fortunate “

” If one suffers in life, it is God`s blessings to wash away accumulated bad KARMAS

“Every human being is a mini Universe and therefore , his/her action should contribute towards Universal Peace, Progress and Prosperity “

My son created this website for me and called it Voice of Experience


My son created this website for me and called it Voice of Experience